D’. Le Roi Soleil – Tan Hoang Minh Quang An is a complex project of Luxury apartments, 5 * hotels and Trade Center located at 59 Xuan Dieu, the corner of between Xuan Dieu and Dang Thai Mai streets which is considered as Gold position of Tay Ho district. D’. Le Roi Soleil Project designed 2 Tower (Tower A & B) with 25-storey floor, One serviced tower with 8-storey floor. With total 498 high-class apartments, including 5 types of area from 88 – 333 m2. Almost apartments at D’. Le Roi Soleil possesses a beautiful and airy view of the Red River and the romantic West Lake. D’. Le Roi Soleil Project also designed 5 basements to ensure enough parking space for residents as well as customers visiting shopping, watching movies at D’. Le Roi Soleil.
With European Classic and New Classical architectural styles, variety of art decor by marble outside, top-notch amenities such as; 4 season swimming pool, infinity pool, Fitness center, Mall….so on. With all advantages, it creates a perfect living population at D’. Le Roi Soleil.
Update latest listing apartments for rent in D’. Le Roi Soleil Xuan Dieu in May/ 2019
Floor + TowerLiving Area
No. BedroomNo. BathroomUn/furnishedViewPrice
3rd - A111,4 33Full Furniture2000
4th - A111,433Full Furniture1900
5th - B111,432Full Furniture2000
5th - B111,433Full Furniture1800
5th - B111,433Full Furniture2500
7th - B8822Basic furniture1300
7th - B8822Full Furniture1600
8th - B111,433Full Furniture2300
8th - B8822Full Furniture2000
9th - B8822Full Furniture1900
12th - B14632Full FurnitureWestlake view3000
12th - B14633Full FurnitureWestlake view3000
12th - A8822Basic furniture1400
24th - A111,432Basic furniture1600
12th - B8822Basic furniture1500
12th - B8822Basic furniture1500
12th - A14632Basic furnitureWestlake view2500
15th - A8822Full Furniture2000
15th - B8822Full Furniture2000
16th - A111,432Full Furniture2800
16th - A8822Full Furniture2000
17th - B14632Full FurnitureRed River View3500
19th - B111,432Basic furniture2000
22nd -A111,432Full Furniture2100
24th - A111,432Full FurnitureWestlake view2500
24th - A23043Full FurnitureWestlake view4500
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